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Freedom Club


Freedom Club


Join the NorCross Freedom Club and experience all the benefits of the TradeUp Program, Product Beta Testing, New Product Previews, Discounts and Savings. Join today, It's Free!!!

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NorCross is confident that once you try our products, you will never give them up. Freedom Club Members can trade ANY, yes ANY, fish finder, depth sounder or portable sonar system produced by ANY manufacturer (functional or not) and receive a 25% OFF credit towards the purchase of a new HawkEye® product.


What type of products are eligible for the 25% OFF Credit and the "Trade-Up" deal? - ANY depth sounder, fish finder or sonar system.

Does it have to be made by NorCross Marine Products? - No, any manufacturer's product will be eligible.

Does it have to work? - No, just include all the components with the returned item.

What products can I apply the 25% OFF credit to? - You can only apply the credit towards the purchase of a NEW HawkEye® Product from our website www.hawkeyeelectronics.com

Who is eligible to be Trade-Up? - Anyone who is an active Freedom Club Member. Not a Freedom Club Member? Sign Up by "Liking-Us" on Facebook

When will I be contacted? - After your application is received it will be entered into our system and you will be sent instructions on how to return your product for credit


Beta Testing

We're committed to building products that improve people's lives, and we need your help. As a Product Beta Tester you have unique insights that we want to hear about.

A beta tester receives a product from us, uses it under real-life conditions, and then fills out a field test report about their experience. This process requires a lot of communication, time, and honesty. Best of all, you get to keep the product when you're finished.

Who is eligible to be a beta tester? - Anyone who completes an application will be considered to be a Beta Tester.

When will I be contacted? - After your application is received it will be entered into our database. When a new product is available for testing, a query search is used to match the product with beta tester applications. If you are selected, we will contact you by email to make arrangements for you to test the product.

How do I get selected? - The more information that you provide, the greater your opportunity to become a tester.

If I am selected, what do I need to do? - If you are selected to be a beta tester, you will receive an invoice by email. Simply pay the invoice with your credit card, and we will ship the product immediately. Upon receipt of the product, test it under real life conditions and complete the Beta Test Field Report within 30 days. Upon receipt of the Field report you will receive a full refund for the purchase price.

Why do I need to pay for the product if I'm going to receive it for free for being a Beta Tester? - Although many of our Beta Testers are sincere in their desire to be a Beta Tester and follow the guidelines, some decide to use it as an opportunity to receive free product without offering feedback. The Beta Test program is intended to help us develop products consistent with our quality standards and designed around our customers' needs. Therefore it is extremely important that we receive the field reports in a timely manner and that each tester gives us 100% effort when completing them.

When will I receive a refund? - If you submit the Beta Test Field report within 30 days of receipt of the product, and give a thorough analysis you will receive a full refund to your credit card.

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