Delivering Innovation to Your Outdoor Adventures...

From our humble beginnings as the brain child of an avid boater and fisherman who couldn't settle for the same old same old electronics, to an international brand distributed around the world, NorCross has always done things differently. From the world's first truly portable fish finder, to our SonicLaser® scales that wirelessly measure the length of your catch, we've been pushing the envelope of "why not" since day one.
In 2000, NorCross was the first company to integrate wireless tethering into marine electronics. In 2004, we invigorated the PWC market with a surface mount, water proof, Micro Digital Depth Sounder. In 2008, after being fed up with cheap soft coolers that fell apart, leaked, and couldn't keep ice from melting, we introduced NorChill® Soft Coolers. Stay tuned, as in the next few years we will deliver our biggest innovation yet. A whole new breed of depth finders and fish finders that are guaranteed to give you more freedom out on the water...



HawkEye® Electronics has designed, developed and engineered the most flexible, versatile and advanced sonar products possible.  Documented as the Intelligent Sonar, the FishTrax™ and DepthTrax® products have been designed to be more affordable, reliable and accurate than any competitor in the fish finder/depth sounder marketplace.  

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The NorChill® product line consists of high-performance cooler bags, heavy duty stainless steel tumblers and unique tumbler accessories that will fit just about any 20 or 30 oz stainless steel tumbler on the market today.

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