What makes the DepthTrax® Boat Mounts the best selling depth finders in the world?  We’re glad you asked. The answer is: Because they flat out perform...  Today’s high-tech, multipurpose fish finders are designed to produce a range of readings from bottom contour, fish location, and thermoclines, to a variety of other sonar data.  However, the technology used to decipher between these different signals, coupled with the size of their specialized transducers, greatly reduces their ability to give instant depth readings.   The HawkEye® DepthTrax® Boat Mount Depth Finders are specifically engineered to do one thing:  find the bottom and accurately display the depth.   Say goodbye to the days of not knowing the depth while running your boat on plane.

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It’s time to take control of your fishing adventures with the go anywhere, do anything HawkEye® FishTrax™ fish finders.  With all anglers in mind, HawkEye® has packed these fish finders with the ultimate fish finding features.  After one press of the power button they instantly deliver fish, bottom contour, bottom composition, water depth and water temperature readings.  Each model incorporates a glare-free VirtuView™ display, a floatable, troll-able and boat-mountable transducer, and is powered by four-AAA batteries resulting in 30 hours of battery life.   Integrated into a waterproof housing, the FishTrax series has set the standard for portability and versatility.




Featherweight, Incredibly Easy, Very Effective... The DepthTrax® Handheld Series is the most versatile handheld depth sounders ever produced.  Not only will they produce instant depth readings, but they also deliver air and water temperature readings, all in the palm of your hand.  Use them in the winter to shoot through the ice before cutting your hole.  Use them on your kayak or canoe to take depth readings on the fly.   Use them as a backup depth sounder on your pleasure boat or scan for channels in your dingy.    No matter how you use them, DepthTrax® Handhelds are one piece of equipment you should never leave the dock without...