NorChill® cooler bags represent the finest in cooler design and construction. Our Dual-Temp Insulation System™ will keep your food or drinks hot or cold for hours, while the G8TRSkin™ leak-proof liner will keep cooler contents on the inside of the bag where they belong. Our cooler bags are also well suited as travel bags for anything you want to keep safe and unbroken. Whether packed full of electronics while on vacation, or grocery items during a trip home from the store, NorChill® bags are a failsafe solution. When making your next cooler purchase, don’t skimp and go cheap; make an investment that will last for years to come.

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Whether you’re a weekend warrior, or a serious tournament pro, NorChill’s BoatBag™ series of High Performance Marine Coolers are the perfect addition to any boating activity. Constructed with a tear and UV resistant PVC tarpaulin shell, the BoatBag™ will deliver unmatched durability, water resistance and cooling power to withstand even the harshest boating & fishing adventures. Fishing and boating enthusiasts will appreciate the anti-mildew, UV-protective properties of its tarpaulin shell—plasticized canvas that won’t fade, stain, or become saturated in wet environments.

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There’s Tons of Technology Packed Into the Voyager Series Cooler Bags.. Whether you’re enjoying a day at the park, shopping at the grocery store or cheering on your favorite sports team, the NorChill® Voyager Series Cooler Bags are up to the task.

With 3 sizes to choose from, we have the cooler to fit any size adventure!




Encased in ultra-tough, Realtree® Xtra nylon reinforced canvass, NorChill’s Outdoorsmen Series Coolers are the perfect tool for any outdoor enthusiast, camper or the serious outdoorsman.

The Xtra in Realtree® Xtra stands for extra effectiveness in the field. It’s 12 warm, natural colors and 3D pattern blend effectively in fall, winter, and early spring. 


The drinkware manufactured by NorCross Marine Products under the NorChill® brand is not only of the highest quality, but is also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

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Stainless Tumblers

Forged from steel made to chill… Whether you’re on the job or on the run the NorChill High-Performance Tumblers are engineered to overwhelm. Our thermodynamic insulation system will ensure your favorite beverage stays hot or cold for hours. Our double lipped lid seal creates a waterproof bond so you can worry about navigating that morning traffic without a lapful of hot coffee. The splash resistant vent slider on our lids keeps liquid inside the tumbler when the going gets rough. The tumblers are easy to clean, dishwasher safe and BPA free for years of enjoyment.


Wrap it up… Our products are different, which means you can stand out from the crowd when you chill with us. Our silicone tumbler sleeves add a unique touch to any 20 or 30 oz tumbler. Simply slide one onto your favorite tumbler and it will make it easier to grip and help protect it from scratches and dents. The silicone sleeve also keeps the exterior of the tumbler from getting hot when exposed to Sun for long periods of time and also keeps it from scratching the gelcoat on your boat. The tumbler wraps are also non-toxic and plastic-free for years of enjoyment. Patent pending.

Tumbler Lids

Lids of every color… You don’t know what your buddy has so why do you keep drinking out of his cup? Whether you match your favorite sports teams colors, or just want to prevent the accidental sippage of your favorite beverage by an unsuspecting party-goer, our colored lids will set you apart. Hand out a whole set to your group! They are made to fit most 20 and 30 oz tumblers available. They are double lipped so they create a waterproof bond to your tumbler and also have a positive locking vent slider to prevent spillage. shatter resistant, and dishwasher safe.